An Old Monk

I started the Urban Monk project 8 years ago when I first began offering mindfulness trainings in St. Paul public schools. In 2012 I formed a non-profit organization called M2 and I continued to explore ways of teaching and supporting practices that are life affirming, transformative and applicable to someone living in the everyday world of family, work and friends. I’ve come to think that we are all searching for our own way - given the circumstances past present and future – to live well, to be helpful, to harmonize with life more of the time and to be in conflict less. That is the work of this Urban Monk and all those that keep this project glowing and growing.     


Urban Monk is an evolving experiment for living in the day-to-day world of family and work with mindful awareness, kindness and dignity. Urban Monk is personal, communal actualized and a beautiful dream.

651 645 1496

308 Prince Street #250

St. Paul, MN 55101

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